ictime: Everything you need to track time, run reports and charge your work in Atlassian JIRA.

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Log Work

  • log work as "time spent" or with start & end time
  • "activity type" option for work logs
  • use individual "Work Log Attributes (WLA)" like quantity, travel expenses, amount of money, ...
  • "no charge" and "corrected result" option for work logs
  • resume, edit or delete your last work log from the time tracking panel
  • log work directly from the JIRA navigation bar
  • log work for other users (if you have respective permissions)
  • access your recent work logs directly from the ictime navigation


  • user timesheet with filters by issue, project, component, version, activity type, issue status, approval status and date
  • view timesheet for other users (if you have respective permissions)
  • view timesheet as list, grouped by issue or in a date grid
  • edit, delete, resume work log directly from user timesheet
  • log work for any issue directly from timesheet
  • move work logs to other issues of the same project
  • work on issues directly from your timesheet


  • search by JIRA filter, issue, project, user, teams, activity type, component, version, date range, issues status, work log status, approval status
  • display work log details as list or grouped by project/issue
  • configure report columns - also for exports
  • export work log details, add JIRA custom fields to your export
  • display summary by project, team, user, price list and activity type
  • export summary
  • edit, move or delete work logs of a report, work on issues directly from any report
  • use any report as base for charging work logs


  • benefit from features like global or project-specific teams & price lists, rounding rules, project currency, project accounting references
  • use any report to charge work logs (create account)
  • exclude single work logs of a report from your being charged
  • work logs change status to "charged" as part of creating an account; work logs that have been charged can't be changed or deleted any longer
  • search for accounts by project, account number and date and export details as .xls file
  • display and export work log details and summary of an account
  • revoke accounts and set work log status to "not charged" again

Teams & Price Lists

  • configure global teams and price lists
  • define different teams with different price lists per project
  • define price per team or per team and activity type
  • validity period for price lists allows for price changes within the project duration

Configure Projects

  • define status, rounding rule and currency
  • create teams & price lists or assign global teams
  • define approval managers
  • select project activity types
  • add optional accounting information per project (customer, account, …)

Activity Types

  • configure activity types to represent different kinds of work/jobs
  • deactivate/activate feature globally or on project level

Work Log Attributes

  • create individual fields you need for logging work
  • dependency either from project or activity type
  • input fields (with format check), dropdowns
  • enter dropdown data manually or connect to a database (and use parameters like project key, user, activity type to filter data)

Rounding Rules

  • define different rounding rules in order to round up/down and to charge minimum time units
  • decide on a per project base if you want to use the feature


  • control access to ictime features in detail on JIRA group level
  • workaround to hide JIRA time tracking data from users


  • make work log approval a recommended or mandatory requirement for accounting
  • approve work logs on work log or issue level
  • define one or more approval managers per project


  • plan bottom-up (issue, sub-task level) and top-down (project, component level) at the same time
  • create & edit issue time estimates in issue edit screen or directly in planning sheet
  • filter central planning sheet by component
  • target/actual comparison on project and component level

Global Settings

  • select time tracking options ("time spent", "from-to" or both)
  • enable/disable strict time tracking mode (no overlapping work logs)
  • enable/disable "corrected result" and "no charge" option for work logs
  • enable/disable team & price list checks for work logs
  • enable/disable approval and select approval mode (warning or mandatory)

Available Languages

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Contact & Support

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Smadoa GmbH
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phone +49 (0)6126 92989858
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Please use our JIRA instance or email us to report bugs and issues. We appreciate any kind of feedback, suggestions and feature requests, too.